Bathroom Mini Makeovers: A New Look in A Flash

Bathroom Mini Makeovers

There are several ways to add calmness and tranquility to a bathroom that has lost it touch and one way to do that is through a mini bathroom makeover. This might sound too elegant, expensive and difficult to execute. While the answer to elegant is yes, the same cannot be said for expensive and difficult to execute. With just a few modifications, you can return calmness and tranquility to your bathroom with a mini bathroom makeover. This guide will provide you with tips to achieve that in few easy steps.

With just a small amount of cash in what feels like a blink of an eye, you can have a mini makeover with a lasting effect in your bathroom. If you already had one, this tips will help you add a little touch to make your bathroom superb. This project will take about one hour to complete but you can also employ the services of experienced DIYers if you are too busy to complete it yourself.

Add Some Accessories

Introduce some home accessories such as a knit pouf, woven rug, coat rack, and armchair. You may also select a floor material like tile vinyl. They come in varieties of design and are not hard to install. Placing a foot mat close to the bathtub is also a great idea.

Invest in New Shower Curtains

Getting new shower curtains is a great way to add touch to your bathroom. Go for high quality, long lasting fabrics, and colors that reflect your personality. There are no universal acceptable designs for bathrooms, but the color and design you choose should easily blend with other furniture and accessories in your bathroom

Double the Mirrors

A bathroom without a mirror is unimaginable. Installing the one traditional mirror is good but adding more than one mirror with great shapes is exquisite.

Get New Towels

Your makeover will look awful with old, stained tattered towels. You may want to replace your set of old towels will new plush ones. Picking a lovely color will also give your bathroom a fresh look.

Pick the Perfect Color

From the curtains, tiles, rugs, towels to the wall, picking an accent color or beautiful wallpaper feature wall will immediately transform your bathroom from the unpleasing, dull-looking bathroom to a fresh and beautiful one.

Set Aside A Wall For Photos

Placing photos on the wall will make your bathroom look stylish and it will also spice it up a bit. The position of the photos should be changed regularly to keep thing new at all times. You can also hang a print artwork in the bathroom, as this adds personality and link the room with other rooms in the house.

Put Everything in Place

The racks and armchairs should be placed exactly where they are needed. You can also use hooks to bang clothes, robes, and towels. Your goal cannot be achieved when everything is out of place.

Renew the Paint and Create More Space

You can use an amazing wallpaper or a wainscoting to give your bathroom wall a new look for a low cost. The bathroom will look spacious if you reduce clutter and add storage cabinets similar to kitchen, boxes or baskets.

Add Touch to the Sink and Towers

You may want to replace that outdated sink for a newer trend. Sinks and bathtubs are the most important components of the bathroom. Replacing the sink will give your bathroom a new look in a flash. it is also recommended to use narrow storage towers to store appliances, toiletries, tissue papers and other accessories.

Install Holdalls

Holdalls such as straw baskets, wooden bins, basin, and canisters will go a long way in giving your bathroom the much anticipated new look. This can be used for storing towels, tissue papers, and other accessories in the bathroom.

Change the fixtures and Lighten up

You can easily replace the old fixtures such as shower heads, faucets, and knobs with new ones. Replace the lighting fixtures with new sconces so as to give the bathroom an amazing look and cast fewer shadows.