Kitchen Rollouts: A Perfect Alternative to Cabinet Shelves

Kitchen Rollouts

Kitchen cabinets used to be an exciting alternative to leaving things lying around and disorganized in the kitchen. However, we are long past that time now as rollouts have taken the place of cabinet and they are here to stay. The era of going through the rigors of searching for an item in the midst of hundred others has come to end. Rollouts are less space-consuming and cheaper options of cabinets. The main driver behind how your rollouts will look should be the purpose you intend it to serve.

Rollouts are designed differently and for different purposes. Creating rollouts will be much easier after deciding what you want the rollout to hold. Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry if you are still stuck with a cabinet shelf, as you can easily make slight modifications to make it look just how you want it. Rollouts help to make life in the kitchen easier by providing easier access to provisions, increasing storage space, save time, and make chores easier. They are generally a better option but they should be especially considered for kitchens that are small or those that have limited space.

There is no need to go in search of factory-made rollouts, if you are worried about the cost or whether it will fit perfectly on your cabinet shelf. With little or no help, you can easily retrofit your kitchen cabinet with rollouts and for the least cost. All you need for this project is just basic carpentry equipment such as saw, tape, baltic birch plywood, table, slides and possibly a wood cutting guide. To create a successful rollout, you have to build the drawer, the carrier and then attach the slides. Aside from organizing ingredients, rollouts may also be used for waste and trash. The process is very simple and you can create and install your rollout in a day.

While choosing which slide to attach to rollouts, you may want to consider what you intend it to store. Side-mounted slides are best for rollouts that are intended to hold heavy provisions like a variety of canned goods, filled bottles and glass jugs and the like. Meanwhile, full-extension rollouts slide on the other hand, allow users to easily access every content as they extend beyond the front of the shelf. Furthermore, using sloping slide would also help to keep all things stable, while allowing you to clearly see things that are arranged at the back. As already mentioned above, the rollout boxes should be a reflection of what you want it to hold.

Picking the right slides will also go a long way to determine whether your rollouts will serve the purpose for which they are made. There are varieties of slides out there, but two distinct types of slides (Roller and ball-bearing slides) are perfect for a project like this one depending on your taste. While the roller slides are easy to install and relatively inexpensive and can only extend halfway, the ball-bearing slides are hard to install, expensive but can extend to the end of the drawer. In addition, do not worry if your kitchen is small as you may opt to install narrow vertical pegboard rollouts. This is also a great alternative to the standard drawer shelf rollouts and they serve the same purposes.

You may also want to start building from the bottom as the rollout shelves that are closest to the kitchen floor are often the most useful of all. Retrofitting the floor area first will also help to prevent the stress involved with bending and searching for utensils or other items. When buying a factory built rollout, you should always go for the ones with medium weight, and those without any obstacles like protruding hinges, and colliding doors.

Furthermore, make sure you make the necessary measurement and buy those that fit the exact measurement of your available kitchen space. Also, if the drawers are too wide to keep things organized, you can simply modify them by adding dividers in the shelf. When going in search of high-quality factory-built rollouts, it is best to look out for those made from Baltic birch plywoods. Also remember to keep homemade rollouts boxes as simple as possible. You can easily make the boxes strong by applying glue to the sides and bottom.